Brian Tarallo

Brian Tarallo is the managing director of Lizard Brain.  He is a facilitator who specializes in visual methods and virtual meetings.  He facilitates clients through illustrating their visions, seeing their strategies, and mapping their futures.  Brian brings facilitation to federal agencies, national associations, and companies in the healthcare, defense, engineering, and consulting industries.
His TEDx talk, “What’s Wrong with This Picture,” on the power of visual note taking in education, has over 16,000 combined views.  He is a contributor to the soon-to-be released book, The Visual Facilitation Field Guide.
He has served as a business process improvement manager for a federal agency, an operations manager and later a senior consultant for a Washington, DC-based consulting firm, an associate and later an associate partner for a Washington, DC-based engineering firm, a project manager and an operations manager for a national development firm, and a development volunteer for the U.S. Peace Corps.