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Yonatan Gordis

Yoni is a Partner at ChangeCraft, a consulting firm whose work drives organizations and teams towards heightened impact and creativity. A renowned designer and facilitator of retreats and conferences, Yoni has nearly 25 years of experience as an organizational consultant, strategist and coach.

Yoni has offered strategic services to a wide range of organizations across five continents. His strategic services focus on the role of change management within the organizational process—alignment and support of organizational stakeholders, acquisition of skills, and strong interplay between strategy and organizational culture.

An innovator in the design and facilitation of “crafted gatherings”—conferences, retreats and trainings—Yoni has designed and re-shaped conferences across the nonprofit world, including the Conversation, the ROI Summit, the Hollyhock YSPE Conference, the Association of Small Foundation’s Skilled Juggler Retreat, and the Hillel Summer Institute. Working with nonprofit and for-profit clients, he has been engaged to dramatically shift organizational processes and management approaches. As a leading trainer of facilitators, he has worked with in-house facilitators as well as a generation of independent consultants.

Prior to the launch of Center for Leadership Initiative, ChangeCraft’s predecessor, in 2006, Yoni served as an independent consultant, first at Yesod Resource Management, Israel’s first philanthropic consultation firm, and later with nonprofit and philanthropic clients internationally. He has provided services to private and public foundations, ranging from values clarification, strategic work, field analyses and environmental scans, and training professional philanthropic staff. He has coached hundreds of professionals and senior executives as they navigate issues of strategy, organizational culture and sustainability.

Yoni was a founding member of the Elul Beit Midrash for cross cultural dialogue in Jerusalem and a teacher in numerous educational institutions throughout Israel. A graduate of Columbia University, Yoni also received private rabbinic ordination in Israel.