Designing and Facilitating Hybrid Meetings

The time is NOW. In this session, you will learn how to make hybrid meetings more inclusive, energetic and successful. We will focus on how to create seamless and integrated experiences for participants who are both remote and in-person as well as a variety of strategies to engage everyone, including:
  • Developing a positive mindset, with the goal of making each person essential to the meeting
  • Deciding when to design for hybrid meetings (and when not to) and thinking through issues of equity – e.g. who is in the room and who is on zoom and the implications around this
  • How to best “set the table” for hybrid design and facilitation with clear goals, agendas and agreements
  • How to clear distractions and respectfully invite participants to remain present and engaged
  • Techniques for hybrid introductions
  • Tips on some of the technical requirements for successful hybrid meetings (including cameras, physical space, etc.)
  • And more!
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