Keynote Speaking

Rae Ringel, CEO of the Ringel Group, is a highly experienced and engaging keynote speaker. As the featured speaker at hundreds of national conferences and formal gatherings, Rae knows how to catalyze audiences towards specific actions. She believes that a keynote should be much much more than a dynamic frontal presentation. It is a forum for getting to big ideas and establishing a lasting connection with conference attendees.


Rae works directly with every keynote client to assess their unique organizational demands, and craft an address that is tailor made for the audience. She also incorporates current events, outside research and her razor-sharp sense of humor, where appropriate. Read more about select past keynote topics and contact the Ringel Group to discuss your next event.

Sample Topics

  • Effective Communication: Using Conversation, Influence and Inspiration to Get Results
  • The Power of Persuasion: Making Your Case in Every Case
  • Creative Problem Solving: Many Right Answers
  • Looking Like a Leader: Unlocking Leadership Presence
  • The Asset Based Approach to Personal Change
  • The Gift of Asking: Fundraising in the 21st Century
  • A Voyage to Excellence: Stewarding the Donor Relationship