The Ringel Group deeply believes in the power of facilitation to serve as a catalyst for the transformation of groups. In addition to offering trained and experienced facilitators, we provide meeting design services which move our clients’ ideas from concept to execution. Whether they are planning a one-off gathering, multi-day conference/session or off-site retreat, we can design the full tactical and qualitative arc of a convening. Each project begins with a needs or outcomes assessment and mapping of key stakeholders to assist our clients in defining their objectives. Within this learned framework, our team can wireframe sessions, design content and develop appropriate materials to target specific objectives.


The Ringel Group has long believed in the great potential of virtual meetings and gatherings. To make these gatherings effective, trained facilitators are even more important. That is why virtual facilitation has been a growing area of expertise at the Ringel Group.
Now more than ever we need to convert our “in room” experiences to on-line experience, without compromising any value. We can translate this for you, it’s so much more than just downloading Zoom. If you can do it in the room, you can do it online!

1. Virtual Facilitation and Meeting design

Transforming the Ringel Group’s signature design techniques, we will work in conjunction with you and your team to custom-design and facilitate dynamic and interactive virtual meetings. We use state of the art techniques and technologies through a wide variety of engaging modalities to engage all participants.

2. Virtual Coaching for Presence

As leaders move critical meetings to on-line platforms, and their teams are adjusting to a new way of collaborating, leadership presence is more important than ever. An internationally acclaimed leader in teaching people how to present with confidence, use their voice, tap into their humor, read the virtual room, stay centered, when things don’t work as planned or go off track, and lead by engaging, is proud to offer their expertise in this area, only now through the virtual platforms. The Ringel Group will ensure that your virtual leadership presence aligns with your continued pursuit of excellence as you inspire your teams.

3. Virtual Training for Teams

This experiential workshop will teach you how to translate your favorite in-person modalities and meeting tools to the virtual space. Workshops are custom designed for your needs and can be anywhere from 1-4 hours long.

What you will learn in this workshop:

– How to “set the table” for virtual facilitation by clearly communicate the outcome, agenda, agreements, and roles,
How to clear distractions and respectfully invite participants to remain present and engaged,
– Training and walkthroughs of two virtual collaboration platforms: Zoom and MURAL
– “Who’s In The Room,” a modality for virtual introductions,
– “Where Do You Stand,” a kinesthetic modality translated to the virtual space,
– Brainstorming using a collaborative, digital whiteboard,
– Modalities to prioritize and decide between options quickly, making use of many hands at once,
– Choosing between ideas by “Voting with Your Feet” and working in breakouts, and
– “The Modality Expo,” where you’ll experience first-hand, working virtually with others to translate your favorite modality into a virtual experience.

Plus, it’s loaded with best practices for virtual facilitation. We’ll also hold office hours after class for more in-depth discussions of anything you want to discuss in more detail.
Instructors: Leadership Coach/Facilitator Rae Ringel and Brian Tarallo, Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF)