Our Approach

No generic formulas

The Ringel Group approach is rooted in a deep understanding of organizational behavior and systems. Our coaches and instructors are steeped in several rigorous modalities. Many are concurrently on the faculty of top university programs such as the Georgetown Institute for Transformational Leadership. The Ringel Group team also offers a wealth of field experience. For over 20 years, we’ve created individualized solutions for corporate and institutional leaders from every sector, both at home and abroad.

Every project with the Ringel Group begins with a thoughtful, robust and individualized intake process. Through a deep understanding of our clients’ unique personal and environmental challenges, we are able to craft customized, integrated interventions that leave generic formulas in the dust. What is the right approach for you and your organization?

Is it tactical skills training?
One-to-one coaching or team coaching?
A facilitation intervention?

The Ringel Group team loves what they do, and it shows. We’re committed to delivering engaging and dynamic experiences that move people towards specific goals. Whether it’s pushing your executive board into the realm of productive discomfort as they grapple with a new strategic plan, or motivating an underperforming department to achieve greater results, we know how to move people along a continuum.