Our Story

People Make the Difference

Every day major companies, governments and institutions hire management consultants to improve their organizational processes. The Ringel Group does the people part. We’re a leadership consulting firm that begins with the power of people to create more effective systems. We help leaders develop new thought patterns and skill sets to generate different results. The Ringel Group started as a training business, teaching tactical leadership skills.

Since 2003, our Training programs in the areas of communication, facilitation, effective meetings, team building, leadership presence, fundraising and board development have equipped and motivated top management teams in every professional sector. Over the last eight years, we’ve expanded our services in order to address the unique needs of individual leaders.

Today coaching is our core offering, and our customized approach to leadership development drives everything we do. Whether it’s building more effective communication skills or raising more money, we design the right intervention to help leaders get more of what they want.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

We spend so much of our precious time at work. We need to show up as our best selves to ensure that work is a positive, generative and productive experience. The Ringel Group helps you reach peak performance.