Leadership Presence

People are an organization’s greatest asset. How you present yourself can make a powerful first and lasting impression. Whether it is a prepared speech or a response to a question at a meeting, your communication style speaks volumes about your confidence, level of knowledge, and can go far in building your credibility. It is crucial when inspiring funders, internal teams or the public at large to adopt an idea. It is a key differentiator between those who lead and those who are led. In our trainings on Leadership Presence, the Ringel Group builds fully-customized programs that develop our ability to inspire, engage and connect with others. Using experiential learning, role-playing and other proven methodologies, we deliver techniques to take your leadership presence to the next level.

Organizational needs assessment
Program and material design
Communications training delivery
Evaluation and follow up
Stronger professional presence
Improved presentation skills
Greater credibility
Action plans for personal growth