True Partner

How Coaching Transformed Christy’s Dominion

When Christy first started working with Rae in 2009, she was looking for support and guidance in navigating and balancing the various roles and responsibilities involved in running a small financial advisory firm. What Christy gained was a “true partner” at each stage of growing her company. Rae’s guidance supported Dominion Financial Consultants in the development of sustainable systems and practices that have enabled the firm to grow and flourish. She has also mentored the firm in its search and development of a very talented group of employees, which have been fundamental to its early success.

“I consider Rae to be part of our team at Dominion and rarely take an important business step without running it by her for counsel. While my work with Rae has certainly transformed my business and taken it to new levels, it has also transformed me personally while elevating all of my professional capabilities. Rae inspires and pushes me to grow and improve in every area of my life; she is an amazing and generous teacher and a joy to work with and learn from.”

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