Infuse your facilitation practice with new techniques to invite creativity!

Thursday, May 30
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

101 Constitution Ave
Washington DC 20001


+ Pre-Workshop Introduction
Tuesday, May 28: 12 pm – 1:30 pm EST on Zoom
Facilitation design basics; recording provided

+ Post-Workshop Office Hours
Three 1-hour sessions TBD
Apply learnings, ask questions and work designs

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  • In-person practice with 12+ creative modalities
  • 100-page workbook with 44 modalities
  • Peer networking, lunch, and a great Capitol view

Rae Ringel and Jacob Eastham welcome you to their “modalitory(modality laboratory) where you’ll experiment with new ways of facilitating and generating insights with teams.

  • Learn to lead groups to more audacious visions.
  • Uncover why your group’s answers are really in your questions.
  • Practice designing more generative and bolder brainstorming.
  • Discover how to choose the solutions that will resonate with your team.
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Is this for me?

You should join the fun if you are:

  • A seasoned facilitator looking for some new spice in your repertoire
  • A team- or project-lead that wants to coax new and useful thinking from your peers
  • Still reading this note

Who are the instructors?

Rae Ringel, the gathering guru and founding President at the Ringel Group, is a certified executive coach and practiced facilitator. She is a faculty member at the Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership and founding director of their certificate program in the Art of Facilitation and Design. She is adjunct faculty at the UVA Darden School of Business, and a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review.

Jacob Eastham, the chief ideator at the Thinkerton Agency, has 10 years of experience helping teams think differently about their problems through deliberately designed facilitation. He has introduced creativity tools to audiences at South by Southwest, the White House, and his living room. He is certified in Creative Problem Solving, LEGO® Serious Play®, and the FourSight innovation assessment tool.

What are folks saying?

“The day was action-packed with experiential learning of facilitation modalities. Rae’s wisdom, energy, warmth, and joy helped to create the space for deep learning and creativity. I walked away with so many new ideas and although I have been facilitating for over 25 years, I have a whole new set of tools and exercises to add to my toolkit!”
-Ilona Birenbaum, Founding Principal, The Wynhurst Group, LLC

“I left with several tools that I immediately put to use and many resources for additional tools! Jacob is generous with his skills, skilled in his ability to teach, and creative in his methods. I highly recommend anyone who runs any kind of meetings to take this course.”
-Emily Freije, Sands Capital Management

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